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As a critic, James tended to explore the character and personality of writers as revealed in their creations; his essays are a brilliant series of studies, moral portraits, of the most famous novelists of his century, from Balzac to the Edwardian realists.

The period from to was marked by several losses. Notes of a Son and Brother. One always pays a price for whatever is worth having, and answered prayers often result in unhappiness for James's hapless protagonists.

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He devoted his mornings to writing, and published a number of discursive volumes devoted to the exposition of his thought. Here novelist Hugh Vereker says there is a clear pattern to his work, a discernible "figure in the carpet" he alone knows.

Consciousness, Culture, Poetry by Richard A. It is a remarkable study of a band of egotists while at the same time offering a shrewd appraisal of the American character.

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Hyacinth has been charged to assassinate her e William had died in Do not republish it without permission. Pearson, ; The Turn of the Mind: A nephew has been called for from America. When he finished it he had become a figure in the history of the novel itself. I love the fireside rather than the forum.

She dismissed Bosanquet and took over the management of the household. William kept his under lock and key; Henry burned his, as he burned manuscripts and most letters he received.

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Essays on the Craft of James edited by Laurence B. This is a high comedy of mannersof a middle-aged American who goes to Paris to bring back to a Massachusetts industrial town a wealthy young man who, in the view of his affluent family, has lingered too long abroad.

Stories like "The Figure in the Carpet" suggest that the objective truth may be discernible but is likely to be beyond one's grasp, a clearly written message buried so deeply that it can never be retrieved.

Told in this way, and set in London and Venice, it becomes a powerful study of well-intentioned humans who, with dignity and reason, are at the same time also birds of prey.

Henry James Sr.

Critical Prefaces, edited by R. For this edition James wrote 18 significant prefaces, which contain both reminiscence and exposition of his theories of fiction. George who has, in fact, given up writing tells Overt that he has done him a favor.

Benson and Auguste Monod, edited by E. But he who obeys his ideas, he who gives himself up to the guidance of infinite goodnesstruthand beauty, encounters no limitation at the hands either of nature or society, and, instead of disease and shame, plucks only the fruits of health and immortal honor.

James became convinced that, as he put it, "the curse of mankind, that which keeps our manhood so little and so depraved, is its sense of selfhoodand the absurd abominable opinionativeness it engenders.

He held most of the leading writers of his day in low regard, with the possible exception of Walt Whitmanthough he met and cultivated many of them, including Emerson, Bronson AlcottHenry David Thoreauand William Makepeace Thackeray.

Two years in Boston, two years in Europe, mainly in Rome, and a winter of unremitting hackwork in New York City convinced him that he could write better and live more cheaply abroad.

Just look on abebooks - many of but no volumes Henry James was named for his father, a prominent social theorist and lecturer, and was the younger brother of the pragmatist philosopher William James.

The young Henry was a shy, book-addicted boy who assumed the role of quiet observer beside his active elder brother. James, Henry, –, American novelist and critic, b. New York City. A master of the psychological novel, James was an innovator in technique and one of the most distinctive prose stylists in English.

Henry James, OM, son of theologian Henry James Sr., brother of the philosopher and psychologist William James and diarist Alice James, was an American-born author, one of the founders and leaders of a school of realism in fiction/5(K).

Henry James Sr. (June 3, in Albany, New York – December 18, in Boston, Massachusetts) was an American theologian and adherent of Swedenborgianism, also known for being the father of the philosopher William James, novelist Henry James, and diarist Alice James.

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The Henry James stamp features an original painting. On the left is a portrait of Henry James based on a photograph by Alvin Langdon Coburn; on the right side, behind James, is a vignette showing a man and a woman in a small boat.

Henry James, –, American novelist and critic, b. New York City. A master of the psychological novel, James was an innovator in technique and one of the most distinctive prose stylists in English.

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