Satoshi tomioka dissertation

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Classification method of labeled ordered trees using support vector machines, U. Database search device, database search system, database search method, program and storage medium, U.Curriculum Vitae Satoshi Tomioka Department of Linguistics, University of Delaware 46 E.

Delaware Ave., Newark, DE () E-mail: [email protected] The Syntax-Semantics Lab (SySeL) at the University of Delaware, co-organized with Satoshi Tomioka.

The Scope Fieldwork Project. This project, funded by the NSF, has created visual materials to aid in doing fieldwork on quantifiers and quantifier scope in other languages. Topics in Ellipsis von Kyle Johnson (ISBN ) bestellen.

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Schnelle Lieferung, auch auf Rechnung - KIMIKO NAKANISHI AND SATOSHI TOMIOKA Journal of East Asian Linguistics 13, –, Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Printed in the Netherlands.

Topics in Ellipsis

. Yoshihisa Kitagawa and Satoshi Tomioka are deeply grateful to two anonymous reviewers for providing their comments on an earlier version of this article.

We, as the editors of this special issue, revised this article incorporating these reviewers’ comments. The dissertation ends with a discussion of two related issues: the interaction between -dake and adverbs of quantification, and the difference among modals w.r.t.

Satoshi tomioka dissertation

scope interaction with –dake. I am greatly indebted to Satoshi Tomioka.

Focusing effects and NP interpretation in VP ellipsis

Without his comments on how my.

Satoshi tomioka dissertation
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